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No matter the scope of your needs, Griffin RCM offers exemplary services to satisfy all revenue cycle management solutions for medical practitioners and facilities. Our 25+ years of experience in this field gives us the expertise needed for efficient, proactive, and profitable results.

Our Services

At the core, we are a RCM firm that specializes in medical billing and coding, and our expertise extends to the needs of many medical professionals in all spaces. Our “Cradle to Grave” philosophy entails complete transparency and communication every step of the way, from medical billing and coding to payments and denials. We also extend the same amount of respect for your patients that we have for our clients. We do what it takes to gain, secure, and protect your assets, but we also have a strong sense of integrity and compassion when it comes to your patients.

Griffin RCM offers customizable packages to sufficiently partner with you and meet the needs of your company. Our extensive experience in medical billing and coding provides the thread through every service we offer and ensures we are always under compliance, while looking out for both you and your patients. Whether you need A/R management solutions, consulting, or full revenue cycle management services, we are able to utilize our well-crafted tools to empower your business, save you time, and earn you more profit.

Benefits of RCM

Revenue Cycle Management is a seven-step process in the medical industry that manages payments for the treatments your offer.

Management of RCM is time consuming and can easily result in mistakes when completed by professionals who are not well versed in RCM compliance measures and the finer details that go into patient authorization, eligibility, claim submission, denials, and reports.

At Griffin RCM, we leverage our experience in the medical billing and coding industry to manage the financials, cut through the red tape of insurance companies, and ultimately increase your company’s revenue streams.

Services We Offer

Griffin RCM will manage the entire RCM process. We will integrate our solutions with your pre-established software in order to increase efficiency and decrease the likelihood of mistakes. If you do not have a preferred software, we can implement our effective RCM systems as well. Our team will authorize your patients prior to service and determine each patient’s eligibility and benefits. We will submit claims on your behalf, manage posted payments, manage denials, and generate transparent reports. Each service within the RCM process will be met with attention to detail while meeting all compliance standards.

It’s time to reduce days spent in A/R so you can focus your time and expertise on caring for your patients that deserve your full attention. Griffin RCM will submit all claims and charges on your behalf in a timely, precise manner in order to save you time and increase revenue. We understand the standards that need to be met in order to reduce mistakes and increase your company’s financials while being sympathetic to the financial needs of each of your patients.

Our background is in medical billing and coding, so we will optimize the process in an efficient manner. Medical billing and coding services are designed to help your company achieve and sustain profitability.

It is important that we maximize your revenue with integrity. We will leverage our experience to skillfully negotiate collections with insurance companies while respecting the needs and financial concerns of your individual patients. Patients more than just a number to you, and we feel the same way. We perform collections with a careful conscious.

We want to help you along every step of the RCM process, so whether your company needs to set-up revenue cycle management from the start or you have an established process that could use a pair of expert eyes, then Griffin RCM offers consulting services to provide thorough, transparent assistance. We are here to help you optimize every step and ultimately sustain that optimization for increased revenue.

Griffin RCM’s Medical Billing services are efficient, but that doesn’t mean the services only meet general needs. No matter the scope of the medical billing services needed, we can manage any need. We optimize billing and compliance functions in order to increase your revenue stream. Many industries understand that the complexities within medical billing lead to costly mistakes, but Griffin RCM knows how to work through those complexities with accuracy and ease.

Industries We Serve

We are honor to serve various industries and professionals within the healthcare sector. While we are based in Texas, our services extend to healthcare professionals across the United States.

Why Griffin RCM for Your Revenue Cycle Management Company

Griffin RCM was founded on the idea that Revenue Cycle Management firms need to change. After over 25 years of experience in the medical billing and coding industry, it became apparent that there is a lack of integrity that led to additional pitfalls between RCM firms, medical professionals, and the patients.

At Griffin RCM, we base every decision on the foundation of integrity, transparency, and compassion. With our proud military background, we understand what it means to serve, and we are honored to serve various members of the medical community throughout the United States.

Request a Proposal

Contact Griffin RCM to set up a discussion about how we may satisfy your industry needs. It is important to our team to truly understand how we can integrate our services to meet your concerns in order to empower your team with more time, less days in A/R, fewer paperwork mistake, and ultimately more revenue in your pocket.