GRIFFIN RCM | Medical Billing Company in Texas

Our military background coupled with our decades of experience gives us all the tools to effectively operate your accounts receivables. Griffin RCM is proud to gain and guard your assets. 

Our Story

Griffin RCM began with the mission to serve. From serving our country to serving in the healthcare industry, we knew that we could be the shining difference when it came to honest and integral medical billing and internal revenue cycle management. Along with our expertise, we have a high standard for morals and ethics when it comes to the day-to-day operations of our business. We take care of our clients with the same standard of care that you would treat a patient. Finally, as a veteran owned and operated company, we are proud to employ veterans, military, and military spouses in our community. Our high quality care has become a center of opportunities for those who have served and are looking to apply their skills. When you’re looking to transform your medical billing systems, invest in integrity and call Griffin RCM.

Our Values


We are bringing integrity back to the field of RCM. We work hard to ensure that everything we do is held to the highest standards. We maintain honest and open communication between our clients, and maintain our compliance to provide legal and proactive services.


We believe that expertise is necessary in this field. After having 25 years of experience in healthcare, medical billing, and revenue cycle management, we have seen many changes in the RCM area. We value expertise, and we constantly pursue higher education.


We understand that your greatest assets are in our care, which is why we value and implement transparent practices in all that we do. We adapt to all current medical billing and coding systems, and we have an open line of communication for our clients and their patients.


Successfully operating a medical practice requires calculated cohesion. We are proactive, productive, and efficient when it comes to your accounts receivables. We know when to be aggressive to get the job done, and we know when to be compassionate to take care of someone's needs.

Meet the Team

Cassie Threatt, VP of Operations. 

Cassie Threatt has been in the medical profession for the majority of her professional career, beginning in nursing and resulting in the launch of Griffin RCM.

Cassie’s expertise has evolved from the internal practices within medical facilities, nursing school, the financial sector, and finally leading the back-end operations in management, billing and coding, and revenue cycle management. For the past 25 years, Cassie has provided superior service when it comes to consulting with clients, implementing new RCM systems, handling and negotiating with insurance companies and patient care, and more.

As the Chief Operations Officer, Cassie manages Griffin RCM. Cassie’s thorough background gives her the expertise to handle any and all situations with integrity and efficiency.

Jeff Threatt, CEO

Jeff Threatt is the owner and CEO of Griffin RCM. He is a veteran of the United States Army and holds an M.S. in Counseling Psychology. After supporting our military men and women overseas, Jeff returned to Texas to utilize his experience in technology and project management. With attention to detail and a desire to help others, Jeff looks forward to providing oversight on the revenue cycle so that the medical professionals can focus on the patients with ease of mind.


Testimonials for Griffin RCM

Griffin RCM, Ms. Threatt is one of the best and efficient medical claims administrators I know. Working with Griffin RCM, she collected over $1.5 million for the federal organization year after year. Detailed, hard worker, high productive output, and with a great sense of humor, I recommend Ms. Threatt's services to any company, organization, or agency looking for a medical claims administrator that will maximize their financial revenue.
Helen McLoughlin
Uniform Business Office Manager, Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, NC