We are bringing integrity back into the field of RCM for medical professionals. As a revenue cycle management company offering billing services to medical practitioners and facilities, we secure your accounts receivables so that you can run your practice efficiently and effectively.

Invest in Integrity

Revenue Cycle Management Company

We are a veteran owned and operated Revenue Cycle Management firm based in Texas focused on driving financial results with efficiency and transparency. At Griffin RCM, we focus on taking care of our clients from “Cradle to Grave.” We are with our clients every step of the way in order to secure a transparent, collaborative relationship that ultimately yields greater financial results for you, while ensuring that your patients are taken care of.

From providing specialized medical billing and coding services to handling accounts receivables, we are the top choice for revenue cycle management for the medical industry across the United States. We specialize in ambulance, family practice, and psychiatric medical coding and billing, ensuring tailored solutions for diverse medical fields. With our military background, we value hard work and dedication, and it is with that ferocity that we can handle everything your practice needs to maintain financial security. If you’re looking for an honest billing company that will gain, protect, and defend your assets, invest in Griffin RCM.

Medical Billing & Coding

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we leverage our expertise to maximize financial opportunities for our clients. Our attention to detail during both the pre-billing and post-billing process ensures accuracy thus minimizing mistakes. We focus on quick turnaround while maintaining the ability to stay compliant and detect missed revenue for our clients.


A/R Management

Griffin RCM manages the submissions of all claims and charges on the behalf of our clients with high levels of accuracy and efficiency. We aim to reduce the amount of days our clients spend on A/R through our ability to increase collections, decrease denials, and secure quick turnaround. We protect your assets by managing your accounts receivables, so that you can focus on your specialty.

Revenue Cycle Management

We believe in effective optimization. At Griffin RCM, we will assess your current revenue cycle operations and provide our transparent recommendations. The recommendations we provide will outline the best solutions for both your short-term and long-term needs while focusing on efficiency and cost effectiveness. Our RCM methodology can be applied to any billing and accounting system.

Why Griffin RCM?

Griffin RCM is a veteran owned revenue cycle management company based out of Texas.

Our Executive Team brings over 25 years of experience to every decision we make, always putting our clients first. During our time in the medical and billing industry, we became discouraged by the lack of integrity other firms had in this field.

We are honored to spearhead positive change in the RCM field through how we treat our clients, their patients, and our team. We are fortunate to work with many military neighbors, so it is important that we support our military through hiring veterans, spouses, and active duty military personnel. Our mission is to protect and defend with integrity, all while giving back to our community.

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If you are looking for a change in your medical billing system, Griffin RCM offers an effective and transparent solution that will increase your accounts receivables and keep your patients satisfied. Contact us to get a custom proposal or audit of your current RCM system to see how we can improve your current method of healthcare billing.